How to embrace the slow fashion movement – as fast as possible

As consumer demand for sustainable fashion grows, corporations have made some changes but not always in the most earnest, meaningful ways. Greenwashing – marketing something to appear more environmentally friendly than it really is – is unfortunately all too common. Identifying authentic brands that value people and the planet over profit can be difficult, but there are ways to spot them. Here are a few things to look for.

Meet The Women Changing How We Talk About Periods in Asia

Between the ages of around 12 and 50, half the world’s population will spend roughly five days a month menstruating. Thankfully, the conversation about periods is slowly starting to shift and emerge into public consciousness, in large part due to vocal advocates of change who are standing up and speaking out about menstruation. We speak to three period pioneers working to reclaim our time of the month and change how we talk about menses in Asia.