How To Stay Healthy On Your Next Junk Boat Party

Once summertime hits, there’s nary a thing we enjoy more than a junk. Sun, sea and good vibes, junk boats are one of the quintessential ways to stay cool in the Hong Kong heat. The only downside? It can be disastrous for anyone trying to eat clean, with catering and free-flow alcohol options not generally suited for the health-conscious passenger. With a little bit of planning and preparation, though, it can be achieved! Here are some ways you can stay healthy on your next junk boat trip.

No Place Like Home: How To Make The Most of Your HK Summer

Stuck in Hong Kong for the summer? Join the club! With COVID-19 closing borders and grounding planes worldwide, it looks like no one will be making a summer escape from the city this year. Luckily, we happen to live in one of the best places in the world for staycations, with remote beaches, soaring mountains and expanses of ocean, plus all the conveniences of a world-class international city. Use our Hong Kong summer fun guide to have an absolutely brilliant summer, without ever leaving home.

Meet The Women Changing How We Talk About Periods in Asia

Between the ages of around 12 and 50, half the world’s population will spend roughly five days a month menstruating. Thankfully, the conversation about periods is slowly starting to shift and emerge into public consciousness, in large part due to vocal advocates of change who are standing up and speaking out about menstruation. We speak to three period pioneers working to reclaim our time of the month and change how we talk about menses in Asia.

Why China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival Won't Be Cancelled This Year After All

China’s most controversial celebration of food, the Lychee and Dog Meat festival in the city of Yulin, was widely reported last month to have been cancelled this year after multiple animal rights organizations claimed the local government was planning a ban on dog meat sales in the week leading up to the June event. But that isn't the how things appear to be turning out this year after all.